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Sliding Doors

The Door Store and Window Shop can help you find the right sliding door for your project. Whether your sliding door is for an interior or exterior location, or a pocket or wall slide application, The Door Store and Window Shop will get you on the right slide.

Our premium sliding doors are manufactured by Seven D Industries, LP. These doors are engineered for new or renovation projects. Seven D Industries, LP employs skilled craftsmen to design and build products using the latest technology. These sliding doors will enhance your home with their quality, versatility, beauty, and durability. Because they are built with quality vinyl, you’ll love that they are virtually maintenance free. You can choose clear glass, or a grid design such as colonial or prairie style. Hardware options are available in each model from matching vinyl to brass. Some models allow options such as interior and/or exterior laminate colors, tinted glass, Energy Star® qualified when choosing Low-E/Argon gas filled units, and DP-50 (Design Pressure) rating which meets standards for category B hurricanes.

Preassembled door sizes range from 59 ¼” – 105 1/16” x 79 ¾”. Knock down doors size range is 59 3/8” – 95 3/8” x 79 ¾”. The glass in our sliding doors is 1” double strength tempered insulated units. Improving your home or building’s efficiency, aesthetics, and ability to handle all types of weather is easily attained by installing a sliding door from Seven D Industries. Our knowledgeable staff at The Door Store and Window Shop will guide you through the process of choosing the right door for you!